Dianne Herrin Fake News Letter 10-4-20.p

Media Release

Monday, October 5th, 2020

For Immediate release


Today news broke of the opposition distributing fake letters, to local West Chester borough residents is a tactic right out of a foreign adversaries disinformation campaign playbook.  These fake letters pretending to be Dianne Herrin our current Mayor and candidate for the PA State Representative for the 156th district arrived to residents the night of October 4th and attempted to undermine her credibility with fake news. (The West Chester Police Department is currently investigating the incident.)


This country is better than this, our county is better than this, our political parties need to be better than this.  


The opposition candidate Len Iacono should immediately denounce this despicable attempt at undermining the honest campaign of Dianne Herrin.  What example do we wish to set for your children? It imperative that our leaders treat everyone with the same respect that we teach your children.


The “Pro Business PAC” and the businesses supporting it, endorse Dianne Herrin for PA State Representative because of her commitment to supporting businesses and always working to reach across the aisle to work with everyone in the community with respect.


Before local businesses required help at the onset of COVID, Dianne was already working with the council and local leaders to formulate a plan to get us through this unprecedented time.  Restaurants like Opa on High Street would have been in danger of failing had Dianne not found a solution to open up the streets to outdoor dining.  


Chester County’s 48,950 small businesses need a champion that can be the voice for our community.  It’s through successful businesses that we can expand our businesses, employ more people, and pay taxes that support our social and educational programs.  


As a community, our children lost at least 6 months of regular education, which correlates into future lost potential that will have a higher negative impact on our lower-income communities.  These challenges will take increased budgets to overcome and we need to look to our community to find ways to support those programs.  Dianne’s plan to help businesses get back on their feet and thrive will be paramount to tomorrow’s success for our businesses and then nock on effects all the way to education.


Pro Business PAC is a Chester County registered PAC lead by Chairperson Marcel Kaminstein and aims to elect Pro-Business candidates.  You can visit www.ProBusinessPAC.org for more information or become a member.



Marcel Kaminstein

Pro Business PAC Chairman