Post Election Business Temperature Check

With the election over and celebrations and protests behind us, the country wakes up to some big questions that all families and especially business owners are asking themselves. What direction will Biden take us?

The transition teams', website, is a great start, as he works over the next 73 days until Biden and Harris take the White House. Unlike most Presidential transitions, the process is generally smooth and the current administration assists in the smooth transition but no one expects the Trump administration to be helpful. Assume he will follow the path of most resistance.

“President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. is poised to unleash a series of executive actions on his first day in the Oval Office, prompting what is likely to be a yearslong effort to unwind President Trump’s domestic agenda and immediately signal a wholesale shift in the United States’ place in the world."

“In the first hours after he takes the oath of office on the West Front of the Capitol at noon on Jan. 20, Mr. Biden has said, he will send a letter to the United Nations indicating that the country will rejoin the global effort to combat climate change, reversing Mr. Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord with more than 174 countries.

“Mr. Biden’s afternoon will be a busy one. He has vowed that on Day 1 he will move rapidly to confront the coronavirus pandemic by appointing a ‘national supply chain commander’ and establishing a ‘pandemic testing board,’ similar to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wartime production panel. He has said he will restore the rights of government workers to unionize. He has promised to order a new fight against homelessness and resettle more refugees fleeing war. He has pledged to abandon Mr. Trump’s travel ban on mostly Muslim countries and to begin calling foreign leaders in an attempt to restore trust among the United States’ closest allies.”


The agenda is bold with a list of goals that is not nearly as aggressive as the far left lead by Bernie Sanders and AOC, each of whom is pushing for a great deal of administrative representation that most likely will see push back from the new Biden administration.

The reality is that the election was razor-thin between the parties, showing that enough centrist Republicans voted against President Trump in areas like Chester County, PA where Pro Business PAC pushed an alternative choice for voting Republican (Anti-Trump vote) that was moderate and centrist compared to a Bernie Sanders. This 10% Republican switch vote in highly contested swing states is what clinched the election for Biden this time. This effort started with Mike Bloomberg who poured $1 billion of his own money into his race and subsequently into helping the DNC and Biden with the select swing states like PA and FL. His 50 Mil strong email list and data analytics company HawkFish came in very handy in helping to convince voters that tend to vote as Independents and Republicans to vote for Biden and other Democrats against Trump.

Thank you, Mike Bloomberg, your efforts and money were well spent in defeating Trump and setting our country back in a direction Americans can be proud of and the world can look up too!

After having worked for the Bloomberg Campaign 2020 in Chester County PA, I realized how close this election would be and how divided our country had become. Biden will lead us back to the United States. His agenda will be tempered by a Republican Senate and a smaller House majority, a clear pushback for the far-left agenda.

The far left has a fatal flaw, if you push socialism and anti-business policies in the US you will not collect more than 25% of the US voters because so many Americans are Pro-Business, Entrepreneurs, and most importantly free-market capitalists, even if we believe in having robust social programs. Centrist Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are sensible people that want to see our businesses thrive without too many government constraints and are more than happy to pay their fair share of taxes to support well-run social programs so that no one gets left behind.

“I don't think the American people want to sign up for the Green New Deal. I don't think they want to sign up for getting rid of coal or oil or gas. I don't think they're interested in Medicare for all or higher taxes that would slow down the economy. But they do want to see a change in leadership in the White House apparently at this stage. And so it's a message which says, ‘All right, a change in leader. But we're not going to be turning a sharp left turn in terms of public policy.’ … In terms of policy, I'm sure he'll have his own agenda. But he worked in the Senate long enough to recognize that there are two parties, that things have to be done on a bipartisan basis. And the more extreme wing of his party is not going to take over policy in this country.”


Biden can still wield considerable influence through executive actions and regulatory agencies, but those may be curbed by a more conservative judiciary and a Senate disinclined to confirm left-of-center appointees.

A Biden presidency would also break with some features of Mr. Trump’s administration that weren’t popular with business: tense trade relations with other countries marked by the frequent use or threat of tariffs, restrictions on foreign workers, and sharp criticism of companies, by name, on Twitter.

Our partners abroad have already reached out to the Biden administration with congratulations and messages of looking forward to reestablishing positive working relationships. At a time when the world is reeling from a terrible pandemic, the world needs stable partnerships and a steady vision for rebuilding the global order through public health and trade policies.

Locally, in Chester County PA our challenges mirror those found around the US, managing the public health response in a way that supports local businesses through policy, taxation, and minimizing restrictions that will allow for rebuilding, growth, and seeking new innovation. Our economy has changed dramatically, digital sales, zoom, social distancing, curfews, and more, which all have tremendous impacts on our businesses. The leadership from government and business will need to work together to address these challenges quickly to ensure success for everyone up and down the economic scale.

Pro Business PAC members will have tools available through our emails, website, and events to support our community and focus on the rebuilding and growth for the next 4 years. Donate and Join today!

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