$912 Mil For Restaurants but still no Cabanas

The heavy-lift in Harrisburg was done! Thank you PA Dems and Gov. Tom Wolf for getting $912 million to aid schools and hospitality. These $50K Grants through counties will be imperative to save struggling restaurants.

But we still need the local government administrations to listen and pass the ever so important amendments to local regulations allowing for Expanded outdoor seating and Heated Cabanas so that the limits in indoor seating can be offset for local businesses. We need to increase outdoor seating today!

Philadelphia and New York did a great job at creating an opportunity for restaurant businesses to expand their outdoor seating by creating heated Cabanas. These seating options allowed restaurants to add much needed seats to serve more customers to offset the reduced indoor seating. This additional seating has been a make or break option for many in the industry.

In West Chester PA (Chester County), the local administration has not allowed businesses to set up heated Cabanas citing fire concerns. Yet, Philadelphia and New York both with far less space to allocate did offer restaurants the option to add the outdoor seating with heaters.

John O'Brien the Executive Director of the West Chester Business Improvement District has been in support of the expansion of additional seating and has supported the summer closure of the West Chester Borough to allow for expanded seating and making the streets closed to traffic. These initiatives increase the number of people visiting the borough and increase the revenue of local businesses.

Pro Business PAC continues to fight for the local businesses to help drive better legislation so that PA businesses can weather the storm of Covid and grow into the new reality we find ourselves. PAC Director Marcel Kaminstein also a small business owner will continue to speak to local business leaders to help fight for better pro business legislation.

For more information contact Pro Business PAC at Lead@ProBusinessPAC.org or visit the website at www.ProBusinessPAC.org.

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